Are You Fascinated by Cinema? (the 10th form)

Are You Fascinated by Cinema?(

Objectives: to develop students' critical thinking skills in speaking, writing and reading. 

Good afternoon! Nice to meet you. How are you? I hope we’ll work hard today and I’ll be thankful for your enthusiasm and active participation. We’ll work in groups so please name your groups. Today we’re going to develop our critical thinking skills in speaking and reading. Do you know what is critical thinking? Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally. Thinking is like loving or dying. Each of us must do it for himself. For example: the question ” What is the Arts?” asks for a definition for a specific term. The thinking you do to answer that question is summarizing or defining. So the Arts is music, theatre, film, literature, all considered together.

By contrast, the question ” What is art for you?” asks you to analyze a concept and discuss its component parts.

Now look at the blackboard, we can see different [various] kinds of art. What are they?[graffiti, sculpture, painting]

But art is not just restricted to painting and sculptures but can include forms such as film, music, literature. Films are often considered to be a form of art. Please, answer the question “What makes films art?”[imagination, artistic vision, acting, music, scriptwriting, dancing, singing]

Now let’s work with vocabulary related to different types of films. Handouts with exercises. Look at the photos. Tick the types of film you see.(ex.1)

1)a cartoon  2) a romantic comedy 3) a western 4) a horror film 5) a crime film 6) a thriller  7) a biopic 8) a science fiction film.

2 exercises for two groups [ex2,3] Group A begins – group B continues.

Ex.2 – In pairs, match titles a – h with the films 1- 8 in ex.1. Then tell what types of films you prefer.

a.                 Broadway  Murder Mystery

Inspector Clueless investigates the death of a theatre critic

b.This town ain’t big enough

    A gang of cowboys make life difficult for the new sheriff.

c.                 Assassination Time

The FBI tries to stop an attack on the President.

d.                Birds

Baby Bird is lost. A crazy cat and a friendly dog help him to find his parents.

e.                 Love knows no age.

Judy falls in love with her ex-boyfriend’s dad.

f.                  The Revenge of Rameses

An Egyptian mummy terrifies staff in the History Museum.

g.                 Ludwig

The life and times of Beethoven.

h.                Titan Terror

In the year 2059, astronauts discover a life form on one of the Saturn’s moons.

Summary: ex.3. Match the words in the box with the definitions. There is one extra



Biopic   romantic comedy   western     cartoon    horror   crime   science fiction




1.                A film about the police

2.                A cowboy film

3.                An exciting film, maybe about spies or terrorists

4.                A frightening film about monsters or ghosts

5.                A film about space or the future

6.                A film about love which is funny

7.                A film about a famous person’s life

The other kind of activity is to answer the questions written on the blackboard. Group A asks group B in turn.

1.You/enjoy/going to the cinema ?

2.Which/be/your favourite film ?

3.You/enjoy/watching TV films ?

4.Be/watching a film/more interesting than reading a book ?

5.Which/be/your favourite soap opera ?

6.What kind [genres]/of films/you prefer ? Why?

7.Have/you/ever/watch the same film more than twice ? Why?

We practised dialogical speech and now let’s practise your vocabulary through a discussion task.

As you know many films are adapted from classic books. You are given the plot of a famous book which you want to make into a film. The notes at the end are written by a Hollywood producer explaining what  he/she doesn’t like about the idea. You discuss exactly how you could make the pot more interesting for film audiences. You have 5 minutes for general discussion. Students are given the outline idea form to fill in. Each group in turn present their ideas. When all the groups have made their pitch, the students vote for the best script. 

Aim : To practice film vocabulary through a discussion task.

Interaction : Groups of 4-5.

1.This is a story of one family over 400 years from the time they came to America in 1642 to the present. Their lives and loves, problems and happy times. A wonderful story of an ordinary family. Too long. Too boring. We don’t want them to be ordinary! We need special people doing great things.

2.This is the story of two men, and their fight over the woman they both love. The unhappy and nasty Cedric and the violent Victor fight to the death only to find that she doesn’t want either of them. Not very nice! We need one character that people will like – and a happy ending!

3. A sad Story of a man who spent his life looking for love but who never found it. Every time he met someone, something stopped them from being happy – war, another man and illness until he finally dies lonely and sad. Too sad! He can’t die! I see a hospital, and a beautiful nurse

Are you tired? I think it’s time to listen to music. We are going to listen to popular sound –tracks to popular films. Your task is to guess the titles and the genres of these films and actors who act in these films.

1. Leon Killer

2. The 5 th Element

3. Pretty Woman

4. Titanic

5. Bodyguard

6. James Bond

7. Shrek