Death in Paris

                                  Death in Paris

                                An Opera in Three Acts

                          By Zoltan Grmljavina

                        Act One


Anna, a beautiful 18-year –old girl, works in a shop in the old town of Goroda, in Central Moldenia.   Her parents are dead; her lover, Boris , is in prison for revolutionary activities; her employer is very unkind to her. She dreams of a happier life. One day a royal procession passes in the street. The grand Duke sees Anna and falls in love with her. He sends for her; when she goes to the palace he tells her that she must become his mistress. If not,Boris will die. Anna agrees. Boris is released from prison; in a letter Anna tells him that she can never see him again. Boris leaves Moldenia.


                          Act Two                       


Three years have passed. Anna and the Duke are in Paris. The Duke is dying-he has only six months to live-but the doctors have not told him. Only Anna knows the truth.

One day, Anna is walking in the Tuileries when a man stops her. It is Boris. He tells her that he is now a famous artist, rich and successful. He is married to a Frenchwoman, Yvette; but in his heart he still loves Anna. Come away with me, he says. Anna refuses, and Boris says that he will do something terrible. At this moment, Yvette joins them. Boris tells Yvette that Anna is his cousin from Moldenia, but Yvette does not believe him.


Task 1

Answer the questions:

1. Where does Anna work?

2. How old is she?

3. Where is her lover?

4. What does Anna dream of?

5. What happens one day?

6. Why does Anna agree to become the Duke’s mistress?

7. How many years have passed?

8. What is the truth about the Duke?

9. What is the present position of Boris?

10. Is he married?

11. Does he still love Anna?

12. What is Anna’s answer?

Task 2

Make up your own version of what is going to happen in Act Three.