Free- time activities (5th form)

Topic: Free- time activities


Практична: - удосконалювати навички вживання нових ЛО теми на рівні фрази;

- практикувати учнів у вживанні граматичних структур у Present Simple;

- відпрацьовувати вживання структур I like/ I don't like/ I hate...Do you like...?

- вдосконалювати навички діалогічного та монологічного мовлення учнів, аудіюванн, читання та письма.

Освітня: розширення світогляду учнів.

Розвиваюча: розвивати пам'ять, увагу, мислення, вміння працювати в парах та групі.

Виховна: виховуватипоняття раціонального використання часу, поняття цікавого та здорового способу життя і відпочинку.



Обладнання: підручник О. Карпюк “Англійська мова: 5 клас”,- Тернопіль, Вид.-во Астон, 2013р. Робочий зошит О. Карпюк,- Тернопіль: Лібра Терра, 2013р. Картки з завданням, малюнки, аудіозаписи, комп'ютер, наліпки.





2. Aim.

 T:Today we are going to talk about free-time activities and popular activities which you like. Also you are going to read, listen, write, sing and do different interesting tasks.

3. Warming- up.

    T: Look at the pictures on the board. Do you know these activities?

     (ice skating, photography, playing computer games, basketball, chess, swimming, cycling)

    T: Can you add two or threemore simple names of popular activities which you think some of you may like ( playing football, fishing...)

4. Speaking.

     a) Group work.

         T: Please, choose the stick according to your favourite colour or shape. Now, I am going to devide you into three groups according to the colour of the sticker- blue, green and pink.

Green team: Your task is to labelthe pictures with the words. Stick the words under the picture.

Blue team: Your task is to write a list of indoor activities.

Pink team: Your task is to write a list of outdoor activities.

     b) Pair work.

         T: Now I give you the pictures and the words. Try to make a little dialogue abot the given activity. Ask your partner: Do you like...? Are you interested in...? Are you good at...?

c) T: Tell us please about what do you like to do in your free-time and what don't you like to do.

     Ps answers.

5. Check on Hometask.

    T: So, your hometask was to write a short letter to your pen-friend about your interests or your hobby.

    Ps answers.

6. Listening.

  a)  T: Now you are going to listen to four teenagers, talking about their interests and favourite free-time activities. Listen, then say which sport or hobby is each person interested in?




1. Oliver............

2. Louren..........

3. Nick..............

4. Rachel............

Transcript 1.29

1 Oliver

I love all kinds: rock, jazz, hip-hop, rap. I listen to

songs on the bus every morning - I've got an MP3

player with 2000 songs on it. My favourite band at the

moment is Kaiser Chiefs. I play the guitar, but I' m not

in a band. 1 j ust play at home - in my bedroom!

2 Lauren ,I don't go to school by bike - r go by bus, with my

friends. But every weekend, I go cycling with my

broth er, Michael. We've both got expensive bikes. I

ride a Spanish bi ke. I love it. It's silver and black.

I've got a computer in my room, and I use it a lot. 1

3 Nick

I visit chat rooms and chat about new games. It' s really

interesting. My friends and r meet after school every

day and play computer games for two or three hours.

4 Rachel We don't do it at school, but I go to a club near my home.

I go on Th ursdays, and r have lessons there. It' s a difficult

sport, but I really like it. My best friend goes to the same

gymnastics club, so we have a good time together.

  b) Listen again. Complete the sentences with the correct name

1._________visits chat rooms.

2._________goes to a club near her house.

3._________listens to music on the bus.

4._________meets friends after school every day.

5._________has got a brother, Michael.

6._________has lessons on Thursdays.

7._________plays the guitar.

8._________has got an expensive bike.

c) Listen and check your answers.

7.  T: Now relax and sing a song and do the actions.

I am happy it's the weekend.



Dad likes playing basketball,

And he likes playing chess.

Mum likes playing tennis,

But I like fishing best!


I'm happy it's the weekend,

Hip, hip,hip, hooray!

My family loves the weekend,

We have fun all day!


a) Pre-reading

T: Open your books (SB p.19)  and name the activities

( playing the guitar, go shopping, cooking, painting, playing the piano, visiting family)

b) While-reading

T: Quickly look through the text. Where the children from?

John is from the UK.

Rosa is from Spain.

Yusuf is from Egypt.

c) Post-reading

Say true or false:

1.John is from the UK.

2. John likes playing football.

3. He really hates shopping.

4. Rosa is 8 and she is from Spain.

5. She likes cooking and visiting her family.

6. She doesn't like taking photos.

7.Jusuf is from Egypt.

8. He likes playing tennis.

9. Writing.

a) Pre-writing

T: Do you remember that

with sports we normaly use:

-play for team sports and ball sports;

-go for sports that end in -ing;

-do for other sports.

b) While-writing

T: Complete the sentences with the correct form of do, play, go.

1. We don't_______jogging very often.

2. I________football after school.

3. My friends and I ____ice skating on Sundays.

4.My parents_________tennis in the morning.

5. You don't ______athletics at school.

10. Sum.up

T: Now I see that you are interested not only in doing your hometask. You have got different hobbies and favourite free-time activities.

So, How different people spend their free-time? What they like doing? Let's make a word map.


-collecting things


-doing sports

-learning things

-making things


12.Homework Ex.1 ,p.75