Methods to use to develop critical thinking skills

Methods to use to develop critical thinking skills

Method – a procedure, technique, or planned way of doing something.

Scan – glance at hastily and examine minutely; to scan is to look for specific information quickly; when you scan you don’t read every word.

Skim – read superficially or hastily, remove from the surface; to skim means to read through a passage quickly in order to learn what it is about; when you skim, you don’t read every word, you look at the beginning of each paragraph.

Label – designate or describe, mark or point out, specify.

Specify – mention or name explicitly.

Make inferences – conclude by reasoning from evidence, guess.

Generalize – infer from particular facts or instances; form a general opinion or conclusion from.

Make analogies – find similarities between like features of unlike things on which a  comparison may be based.

Analyze – study the nature of something or de-term essential features of something; analysis of strengths and weaknesses is an example.

Make associations – connect in thought, memory, or feeling.

Characterize – reveal or describe characters and their various personalities.

Evaluate – determine the value, quality or significance of; when you evaluate you make a decision.

Identify – associate closely, regard as identical.

Decipher – make out the meaning of (something difficult).

Make a decision – make up one’s mind, resolve.

Brainstorm – one of the ways to find original ideas when all the people in the group think of solutions to a problem as fast as they can. When people brainstorm, they follow certain rules which help them find more and better ideas.